The Japanese Hair Products That Are Used By Kim Dao

Kim Dao runs a popular lifestyle and beauty channel on YouTube. She currently shares her adventures in Japan, although she is planning to soon move back to her native country of Australia. Before leaving Japan, Kim Dao has posted another video from Japan showing viewers the top 10 Japanese hair products.

There are a lot of great hair products that are produced in Japan. Kim Dao performed research so that she could use the best products for her hair which had become damaged. The first product she featured is Kao Essential which helps repair the hair damage like she is experiencing. The best thing about this product, besides that it works, is that it only takes 30 seconds to be effective. Learn more here:

According to Kim Dao one of the best shampoos to use in Kao Merit. She says it’s not only the best-selling shampoo in Japan it also has great value as well as environmentally familiar. Kim Dao also says she used Venus Spa which is a hair fragrance that leaves her hair with a light and refreshing smell.

Kim Dao also uses Kracie Ichikami Hair Styling Water. This product works great as a heat protectant against the damages of curling hair. She also says she likes to spray it all over her head before coming it out. Another benefit is that static electricity will no longer make your hair stand up on end. Learn more:

Kim Dao has a number of favorite Japanese beauty products and will miss them after she goes home. Learn more: