Securus prevents crime through lower recidivism

Revolutionary technologies that have pervaded the communications industry over the last decades have slowly found their way into the U.S. prison system as well. Securus Technologies, the country’s leading provider of inmate communication services, has long been at the vanguard of developing and bringing to market the newest technologies for the American prison industrial space.


This includes such innovations as virtual video visitation, which has drastically improved the ability of the average inmate to stay in touch with his loved ones. Through this technology, inmates in previous eras would have gone months or years without any contact with their loved ones. Cheap VoIP calling has enabled tens of thousands of inmates to stay in near constant contact with their friends and loved ones on the outside.


Not only has this saved the families of prisoners thousands of dollars per year, but it has also enabled inmates to avoid the fate of institutionalization.  This is because those inmates who are most isolated, engaging only with their fellow criminal peers, may find it almost impossible to re-socialize themselves to normal, law-abiding citizens on the outside, upon release.


With its VoIP-based video visitation systems, Securus has managed to dramatically lower the rates that inmates and their families pay to stay in touch with one another. Calls that in previous decades may have cost up to $5 per minute now only cost an average of $2.31 for every 15-minute call. Only now, they give the inmates and their families a high definition virtual visitation experience and large video screen with a high-fidelity rendering of the conversation’s participants.

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  1. Many studies have shown that inmates who manage to stay in constant touch with those on the outside are less likely to recidivate. One of these technologies is VoIP-based calling. This is certainly a good way in which have pointed out and it makes it so good in all its ways too.

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