Roberto Santiago’s Mall Continues to Thrive in Poor Economy

Brazil does not have the best economy but it is something that has been much different from other areas. Despite the fact that the economy is poor, people are continuing to shop at shopping malls. In fact, shopping malls have actually gained popularity in Brazil while they are declining in other areas. When the Manaira Mall first opened, it did not see as much business as what it sees now and that says a lot about what people are doing in Brazil as the economy continues to plummet to new levels. People are flocking to the shopping malls and spending their time (and money) there. This is something that is a first for the country and something that shows a lot about the way that the people of Brazil think. Despite the fact that they are struggling to pay bills and live their lives, they are still going to shopping malls but may not necessarily be actually shopping at these malls.

Roberto Santiago designed the Manaira Mall for this purpose exactly. He wanted to create something that was so much more than a shopping mall and did what he could to make sure that the mall was able to withstand a poor economy. One of the first things that he did to make this happen was put an extensive food court in the mall and make sure that it had plenty of entertainment opportunities. This was so that people could still enjoy the mall even when they didn’t necessarily need to shop at the mall. Read more on

The Manaira Mall is one of the biggest malls in Brazil. Not only does it have the traditional shopping and dining opportunities that are present in other malls throughout Brazil but it also has an expo center that is unique to it so that people can enjoy the mall in more ways than one. The expo center is the destination that people are able to go to when they want to learn more about Brazil, enjoy a concert that is traditional Brazilian music or see things that are set up and related to the country.

The mall is even a great place for tourists to go. Since it is an enclosed shopping center, those who are in Brazil visiting can get out of the heat for a few hours and learn more about traditional Brazillian culture. While there are stores that are related to chain stores, there are also traditional stores. Each of these gives people the chance to see what Brazil is all about: mixing the old with the new. When tourists come to the Manaira Mall, they can get a taste of the traditions that are present there and the new things that the country has to offer.

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