NBA’s Bruce Levenson and AHBE Sue New Hampshire Insurance

The AHBE (The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment), a firm which formerly played a major role in the NBA, has come under legal difficulties due to a lawsuit which has been filed against the New Hampshire Insurance Company. The catalyst for the lawsuit was a man named Danny Ferry who had filed claims with the New Hampshire Insurance Company after Mr. Ferry left his former employer, the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment group. However, the New Hampshire Insurance Company, Ferry alleges, denied him certain settlement benefits related to the workplace under which he claims to have been covered. But he is not the only one who believes that he was covered under the New Hampshire plan and was treated poorly, Bruce Levenson, the former owner of the Atlanta Hawks, also believes the insurance company mishandled the situation and acted in a disreputable fashion.

Levenson himself, is one of the controlling partners of AHBE and will play a important role during the course of the lawsuit. As of the moment, the lawsuit is exclusively between the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment group, Levenson, Ferry and the New Hampshire Insurance Company – the current heads of the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks ownership group, former private equity businessman, Tony Ressler and retired NBA player, Grant Hill, are not involved in the case. See,

A spokesman for Mr. Ressler and Mr. Hill recently released a public statement on the legal hub, stating that, “We are aware of the complaint. The principal parties involved no longer have ties to the Atlanta Hawks organization and we will have no further comment on this matter.”

For more information, please visit Mr. Bruce Levenson’s personal website at and his Wikipedia page.

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