Meet Daniel Taub; a Great Diplomat

Daniel Taub is one of the top diplomats Israel has ever had. He was born in Britain, but in 1989 he moved to Israel. He has been very influential in Israel diplomatic affairs. On top of that, he is an international lawyer who is determined to help his country. He joined Israel Defense Forces as a medic, and later he was promoted to work at foreign affairs ministry. Learn more about Daniel Taub:

Daniel is highly educated, as he has attended different universities like Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, University College in Oxford and London for his higher education. Currently, he is a director at Yad Hanadiv Foundation.

While working at Israel foreign ministry, Daniel Taub was essential in peace processes as he is a specialist in international law. His knowledge of laws of war and terrorism is unmatched therefore Israel government used him to negotiate for peace deals internationally.

During the Israel-Palestine war, he helped the two nations to come to an agreement and peace prevailed after the negotiations. Also, he was involved in Israel-Syria peace negotiation. On top of that, Taub has represented Israel government internationally at UN.

Due to his experience, in 2011 he was appointed the Israel ambassador to the United Kingdom. Taub went ahead and presented his credentials to the Queen, and she was delighted to know Taub had his roots in Britain. Taub was sure he would deliver, and his impact will be felt between the two nations.

He collaborated with Google and introduced Bizcamp competition which helped in trade and business development. Between 2011 and 2013, Taub assisted in improving the trade between UK and Israel which rose to over $8 billion.

Daniel Taub volunteered to teach Hebrew and Bible study classes. Moreover, Taub participated in cultural outreach activities in collaboration with other ambassadors to reach different communities living in the UK.

Taub has great respect for Britain as it is a stable country ready to trade with many peaceful countries. He is also positive that many things have to be nurtured so that many opportunities can be realized between nations. Daniel Taub is confident that withdrawing forces from Palestine will create a vacuum so they must do it after they have improved their security systems.

Daniel Taub has been an influential diplomat with Israel interests at heart. His contribution in peace negotiations and how he played his role as an ambassador to the UK, speaks loud of him. Taub has represented Israel in many diplomatic and legal conferences.

He has also written some books like Parasha Diplomatit. Taub also writes and lectures on critical topics in negotiation theory and international law.

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