Learning from Experience

They say example is the best teacher. Experience gives a person the first-hand practice of any activity. Experience makes someone competent in what they do. Tammy Mazzocco has gained her skills and expertise in Real Estate through experience. She began as a secretary at Edward Reality Company. She worked with a group of nine commercial people. Edward Reality Company was a start-up organization. Tammy Mazzocco found her roles in tandem with those of selling the company’s property. She has worked in the organization for seven years. She has gained valuable experience during this time.

Tammy developed new skills in the marketing. She understood some of the logistics of winning clients. Tammy became a licensed personal assistant in 1998. This gave her a chance to work with different successful real estate agents in her new company. She continued learning the various ways of selling different properties through various interactions. She learned the skills from the best agents, and she developed an interest in the career. Tammy began to sell the property as an agent two years later.

The skills and experience that Tammy had made it easy for her. She was in charge of selling property on behalf of Judy Gang and Associates. Tammy used the knowledge and the experience that she learned from her previous career. Tammy is now a licensed real estate agent. She is an inspiration to many people in the industry. She has worked to develop her brand in the industry. Opportunities are our gateway to financial freedom as shown by Tammy’s career journey. The willingness to learn and take risks is what will take us to the next level. This story should challenge young people to appreciate every level of their career. The skills and expertise that they acquire should serve as stepping stones towards career advancement.

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