Jeremy Goldstein Highly Regarded Attorney in New York Discusses Stock Options for Employees

Jeremy Goldstein is one of the most reputed and well-known attorneys based in New York, and are also the founder and partner at Jeremy Goldstein & Associates LLC. He is known for helping clients in advising compensation committee, especially the executive positions in the firm. The company owned by Jeremy Goldstein has also managed many large scale merger and acquisition deals for his clients.

Recently, Jeremy Goldstein wrote an article online about why the companies these days are not providing their employees with the stock options. Jeremy says that the stock market is volatile and thus, the prices of stocks can plunge quickly and without notice, which may be difficult for the employees to digest. It would make it difficult for the employees in such scenarios to be able to exercise their stocks. Many employees these days are also very cautious about selecting stock options as in many cases; the volatility in the stock market has rendered the workers helpless with stock options and its benefits. It is a gamble that many employees these days just doesn’t want to play, and rather believe that higher salary would do them much good instead.

However, Jeremy Goldstein said that stock options do have its benefit as if the company’s market reputation, earnings, and market capital increases, the stock prices would get positively influenced as well. It would lead to increase in the personal earnings of the employees as well. Jeremy Goldstein said that the best way out of this dilemma is to go for knockout options, which would have a time limit as well as the stop loss. It means that if the stock prices fall abnormally, it would be not available to the employees so that they do not have to exercise stock options in such cases. It would save both the employees as well as the company at the same time.


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