How Arthur Becker Has Become NYCs Biggest Investor

Arthur Becker opened up a real estate office in Tribeca that is equal parts art production studio and serious real estate investments. That combination pretty much sums up the dual nature of Arthur Becker — he’s a talented artist who has become one of the most important and effective real estate investors in New York City. Becker initially made his fortune as a stockbroker but his work has taken on advanced focus with his company, Madison Partners LLC. Madison Partners is a tech and real estate investment firm that has been doing great things in the city. Let’s take a moment to analyze what Becker has been able to accomplish with his real estate investment properties.

To get things started as a real estate investor in the city Becker turned into a quiet backer, dating back to 2011. Becker focused on working with some of the higher end real estate developers in the city which included Madison Equities as well as Michael Stern and Kevin Maloney. Becker has personally invested in the coveted Billionaires Row development located at W 57th Street. Arthur Becker has also played a part in developing a luxury condo on Sullivan Street. In exchange for working as a quiet backer he has gotten his fair share of the profits of all of these different investments.

Becker has done so much more with his work than just simply push his money around. Becker knows that to succeed you need to be able to invest in industries that appeal to you. Becker has turned his fortune into a wide range of investments across a variety of different industries, not only real estate. Becker has found his way to investing in some of the more interesting fields that we have seen in this business including ancient foreign currency, macadamia nut farms, custom binoculars and more, reports

Arthur Becker knows that there are a lot of different factors that go into finding success as a business mogul and investor. Becker’s hardened work ethic has certainly played a part, but Becker also knows that timing is everything. Becker admits, “In the end, I got lucky, and I came into the market at the right time.”