George Soros – On the Right Side of History in Criminal Justice Reform

George Soros is a Billionaire Philanthropist in many respects. However, for a growing subculture, the most important topic that Soros lobbies for is marijuana legalization; inevitably, gaining acceptance of marijuana by a growing majority will lead to its legalization. However, this “inevitability” will only occur because of people like Soros.

From many perspectives, marijuana legalization is the key for the future economy, and far from being on the fringe may be the center of America’s, and the world’s, future economic growth. For starters, marijuana is just the beginning. With marijuana legalization full fledged hemp industrial hemp cultivation will begin, and with it the start of a myriad of large industrial industries from anything from cloth, paper, food, fuel, to name a few. Read his profile at Business Insider.

Mr. Soros is seen by some as a left-wing billionaire; an economic guru who dabbles here and there and thus his funding for marijuana legalization is seen by some as nothing more than a play by someone who can, and thus who does for entertainment, with no ethical or intellectual foundation to back it up. The truth is that Mr. Soros’ view on marijuana is moderate in comparison to Ronald Reagan’s top economic adviser, Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman who advocated for full-fledged legalization for all drugs.

Soros has helped finance many marijuana legalization initiatives, such as Proposition 64 in California, which successful passed a ballot in November to legalize weed in America’s most populous State.

California will probably be the beginning of the end of marijuana prohibition. “As goes California, so goes the nation.” California has more people than Canada, but Canada has also initiated legislation to legalize Federally before Canada Day of next year, and this will also help the cause in America.

Soros will be on the right side of history. He serves as a building block for a historic turning point.

America has approximately 5% of the world’s population but 25% percent of the world’s prisoners. The War on Drugs has raged on for decades, and a cost of a myriad of deaths and separated families, lives wasted from overzealous sentences that have done nothing to curtail drug use.

When history is written, when marijuana is legalized Federally in America, as it inevitably will, George Soros and his legacy can take pride in knowing that when the time for action came, Soros served as part of the team. Like Milton Friedman, both economists in their own right, advocating from different political spectrums, Soros uses non-economic arguments to promote freedom in the form of marijuana legalization. Read more on about George Soros.