Eric Lefkofsky Helps to Battle Cancer through Tempus

Cancer has harsh impacts on not only society but the United States and the world. Statistics give a detailed breakdown of the real picture in cancer support groups. Usually, this is a true reflection of the burden cancer has imposed on society. Statistics continue to show that most families are affected. It also indicates the number of people who survive after diagnosis and the number that barely survives a year after chemotherapy. In 2016, statistics indicated that 1,685,210 individuals had been diagnosed with cancer in America. Out of this number, it was projected that 595,690 people would die.



According to the Cancer Institute of Research, at least 40% of Americans face cancer diagnosis at some point in life. Or at least some of these people have experienced the pain of knowing someone who is battling cancer. With reports indicating that the figure is set to rise by over 19 million by the time the world’s population reaches year 2024, it is safe to say that the world could use some brains from the visionary Eric Lefkofsky. Through Tempus his company, he has been on the lead of mobilizing data-empowered precision medicine and learn more about Eric.



Initially, there was so much fuss from the developmental projects of electronic health records. When Eric introduced the EHRs, it was supposed to be a positive movement towards battling cancer. The movement, however, did not take a positive direction with Lefkofsky facing initiation challenges. Faced with personal experiences at a family level, Eric became a brand ambassador of cancer treatment. This is because his wife received a life threatening diagnosis, breast cancer. That is when Eric learned that there is a huge gap between facts on cancer and available treatment channels. This gap was majorly enlarged by lack of viable data for treatment. That marked the birth of Tempus.



In his words, Lefkofsky is compelled to change situations as soon as he can. The co-founder of Tempus serves as the chief executive officer. He is also the founding partner of a firm called Lightbank. This firm invests in revolutionary technology. Eric also serves as a chairman at Groupon. This is a universal e-commerce firm that offers virtual trading opportunities and more information click here.

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