Equities First Holdings: Changing Investment Ideas

Being barely five years old, Equities First Holdings is an investment and advisory company that provides people with an extensive range of financial breakthroughs and solutions. Need not to say that these people are High net, worth individuals. The company, originally called Meridian Equity Partners Limited was formed in 2012 and its name changed with the aid of Morgan Lewis Law firm. Other individuals were also involved in the Corporate and tax departments for advice during the acquisition.


The company then began expanding, with citing from the company’s president. It widened its reach globally with offices in Australia, Europe, United States of America and Asia which saw it make major steps in the financial industry. This means that the company, just in five years has managed to lure clientele globally, which is a big plus for them! So far, the London based company has expanded its territories to China where there is a great potential for the company. Some of its subsidiaries have already started to become independent, signs of a well-managed company. It boasts of doing over seven hundred transactions since inception. The transactions though have been large transactions.


To be precise, some of the company’s Equity First Holdings have given shareholder loans include Paysafe Group PLC and Angle PLC company, represented by Joel Leonoff and Andrew Newland respectively. The company still has current loan agreements with other companies. While expressing her views on the company’s progress, Equity First Holdings CEO Al Christy Jr confirmed to her satisfaction that the company was headed towards the right direction.


In other news, the company’s parent company based in the United States of America marked their 15 years anniversary with them announcing the delivery of more than $1 Billion to its customers in just five years! The company which is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom is rapidly expanding with now nine offices in the USA. They are said to be using a unique investment model which understands the natural cycle in the business market and read full article.


The people who would benefit most from Equity First Holdings would be managing partners of organizations who have shareholdings in their companies. This is because their shares will be used and not actual currency thus giving the advantage of low risks in investment. Again, the shareholder gets the top market thus an upper hand in returns and what Equities First Holding knows.

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