Cotemar : Modern Leaders Of The Gas And Oil Industry

Cotemar is a modern Mexican based industrial company that provides unique maritime services with its home office located in Campeche , Mexico. They specifically concentrate on the maintenance, development and construction of off shore oil fields and complete maritime fabrication operations. Cotemar has been supplying their maritime services since 1979. Although their main goals are maritime support in the construction and maintenance fields, Cotemar also specializes in accommodations and food services for offshore oilfield development projects on the many vessels they service with the ability to serve up to four thousand persons. With proven success in the industry, Cotemar provides more specific services to the oil and gas industry in general. They offer maintenance and engineering as well as upkeep and modernization of construction sites with full service fabrication and assembly abilities. They hold international certificates for protection of vessels and harbor installations with ethics codes of integrity, effectiveness, humility and innovation. It is no wonder Cotemar has been in business over thirty seven years. Their vessels are currently operating at the tip of technology. For instance, two of their vessels, The Atlantis and The Neptune, are semi-submersible and are equipped with such precise positioning technology that they are able to pin point positioning and move freely with great precision from one point to the other with incredible mobilization technology. Equipped with cranes, they are top notch movers in the fabrication department as well as transporting materials, cargo and crews with the monster capacity to accommodate over seven hundred and fifty passengers.

Not only is Cotemar a wonderful place to work but, Cotemar has trained more than eight thousand associates to uphold and maintain the highest ethical standards possible all while focusing on a standard of commitment that has satisfied companies effectively over the span of thirty seven years without sacrificing moral or ethical effectiveness. Cotemar is todays leading innovative organization built on the foundation of humanity and innovation.

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  1. Cotemar’s role in oil and gas in Mexico is one that tells but part of the oil companies story world wide in general. And would be pleased to serve in the areas that are of utmost interest in effectiveness. That way the results will be met with acceptance as a rule in the companies outlook.

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