Betsy DeVos is a Champion of Social and Educational Reforms Across the US

Despite what the detractors of Trump’s regime might say, I hold the view that by nominating Bety Devos to be the 11th Secretary for education, the president signaled his intention to reform the education sector. I started following the exceptional leadership qualities of DeVos in 1989, when for the first time in a charity event that was presided over by the Dick DeVos and Betsy for Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Scholarship. As one of the nominees for an award or free scholarship, I was immensely impressed by the interest she showed in the efforts being made to reform the learning environment in both public and private schools.

Although most of the activities she engaged in focused on helping children from Michigan, the effects of work spread across the entire USA. The determination with which she was championing causes for better facilities for learning left me with a feeling of nothing else but respect and admiration. Of important interest to me was the DeVos Family Foundation which was set up in the early 1980s to help bring about changes in the way American children accessed education. Support for reform in the educational institutions is leveraged through the agenda of the foundation whose primary aim is to foster justice, equality, community development, and efficient leadership. Check her website for more info at

The chief objective of the Family Foundation is to accelerate social reformation programs by allowing all American parents and children the freedom to choose and have access to the kind of learning they want. The agenda was a pointer that to achieve fairness across the sector, many efforts still needed to be put into the system. It is the responsibility of all Americans no matter their social or economic backgrounds to ensure that the future generation of learners will have equal opportunities to high-quality learning in the private and public arenas.

I am strongly in support of her appointment to head the central department. The reason why Betsy DeVos stands out as the right candidate is that the philanthropic work she does is exemplary. She is at the forefront of giving donations to many learning institutions, various nonprofits, and charities. The important role she plays in supporting social and political causes makes her the best candidate to run the department of education. The funds and institutions that have benefited from her generous donations are many because the foundation is based on the creeds and faith of Christianity. The Family Foundation is a prominent donor to Arts organizations, Evangelical movements, and Christian schools. The foundation also participates in research and improvements of facilities for health care to poor children. Betsy DeVos is a board member of many organizations like the Foundation for Excellence in Education, Kids Hope USA, DeVos Institute of Arts Management at the Kennedy Center and many others. Visit Betsy’s profile on Twitter.