Andrew Rocklage And His People Touch

There are many people whose who have high skills set, yet they aren’t proficient in picking people for the job and cultivate their employees and colleagues talents to help improve their business.

People who master one field like law, but fail to combine their expertise in fields like technology and business to make an innovative solution to profit, and cultivate employees talents and skills. And no other people utilize multiple skill sets and find the best people on the job as well as Andrew Rocklage.

Rocklage Graduated from Massachusetts Isenberg School of Management in 2009 and Suffolk University Law School in 2013. He was a public relations intern for public relations intern. It’s because of his experience as the ticket service associate and legal department intern for the Boston Red Sox in 2009 – 2010.

He was a legal consultant for Cubist Pharmaceuticals on August 2011 to April 2012. He was the law clerk for Avery, Doolney & Noone law practice, which handled tens of thousands of complex cases of individual and corporate liability, insurance fraud and coverage disputes in federal employment law, insurance defense, professional liability, buisness advisory and estate planning.

Andrew Rocklage was a part of this between October 2012 to April 2013. In addition, he has experience working as a corporate counsel and consultant for Epircus BioPharmaceuticals October 2013- September 2015, giving him extensive experience in the technology sector to let him be the innovator he is. And finally, on september 2015, he became the owner and operator of Sky zone Trampoline Park to the present year.

Truly, Rocklage has an innate talent when it comes to finding and developing great potentials in his Colleagues and employees

He Made a name for himself in Boston because of his experiences. And from his first-hand experience as owner and operator of skyline trampoline park, the most popular park in the country. He’s successful with his customer service staff because he screens and hires the best-talented employees to interact with people at his Sky Zone trampoline park.

And his talents picking the brightest employees shows when customers talk about how friendly and helpful Rocklage staff was at his park. His great people skills stem from a long series of careers in his life.

Andrew Rocklage talent to see the best in people, cultivate their talents, and adapt to different kinds of field, whether it be law, technology, or exceptional people skills make him a perfect innovator if his success at his Sky Zone Trampoline Park and the positive feedback from his customers says enough.

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