A Global Phenomenon: The Secret Of EOS Success

Since 1880, a doctor from Virginia held a practical monopoly on lip balms with his invention: a cylindrical wax tube wrapped in foil. Resembling a wickless candle, his creation ChapStick spent over a century as the product of choice to moisturize dry, cracked lips. In 2009, a start-up company revolutionized the industry with the debut of EOS lip balms.

Sanjiv Mehra, Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky are the founders of EOS, an acronym for the company’s proper name, Evolution of Smooth. These three men were determined to change the beauty aisle in the grocery store. With Mehra’s background in consumer packaged-goods coupled with Teller and Dubitsky’s expertise in start-up companies, the trio set out to innovate the lip balm market. With EOS, they managed to exceed even their own expectations for the lip balm industry.

The trio succeeded in overtaking the market long dominated by ChapStick. According to fastcompany.com, the founders of EOS recognized that the lip balm market had not experienced a genuine innovation. Competitors of ChapStick rarely deviated from the classic lip balm formula. EOS focused its efforts on promoting their niche product: lip balms featuring natural and organic ingredients. The trio utilized innovative marketing tactics, with a strong emphasis on Facebook and other social media platforms, to market their revolutionary brand.

EOS debuted to a market hungry for an alternative from the traditional and reaped the rewards. In their first year, EOS quickly lined the shelves of mass merchandisers, including Walmart, Target, and Wal-Greens. In their first year, the company sold over a million units. Currently, EOS sells over one million units of their globe-shaped natural lip balms daily. EOS is truly living up to its name and evolving the lip balm industry.